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'We live in a rainbow of chaos.'
Paul Cezanne

Create Art With Us

Who We Are

How We Got Here

Garden Hill Art strives to foster imagination and creativity in our studio by helping students create beautiful art. Whether you’re coming in to spend the day or to truly exploit your talent, you’ll find a blank canvas awaiting you where the world is your oyster. We opened our doors in 2020 and have been creating art and forming artists since.


The Future We See

Bringing Artists Together

Garden Hill Art is a well respected and thriving gallery in Hong Kong. We’ve got a history of commitment toward our students and our artists. While we’re dedicated to producing our own art and community art, we’re also devoted to bringing the artist out in our students. Offering classes to adults, teens and children in both group settings and private lessons, there’s something for anyone looking to foster their inner Picasso. We strive to instill creativity and teach form and function to all artists and guests that come to Garden Hill art seeking a fun, relaxing, and well rounded artistic experience.


What We Believe

Inspiration and Creativity

Artists need a space to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. At Garden Hill Art, we understand this well, which is why we provide this space for our guests. All artistic expression is allowed in this gallery where people come and create their art freely. All ages and levels are welcome, so please stop by today!


WorkShops & Classes


Embroidery,Wooden Felting

Garden Hill Art於二零二零年成立,畫室位於香港新蒲崗。

據培根 (Francis Bacon) 及羅丹(Auguste Rodin)所言,「藝術,就是自然與人;美是到處都有的。對於我們的眼睛,不是缺少美,而是缺少發現。」,Garden Hill Art 的成立旨在協小孩及都市人創作精美藝術品及增潤想像力與培養觀察力Garden Hill Art 會舉辦不同藝術活動及兒童及成人藝術繪畫課程,為學員發掘生活人事的各式各態及受藝術熏陶以回應生活的真善美,從而創作各式各樣的藝術品和欣賞生活與藝術。






Garden Hill的導師Tanya著重因材施教,將為不同年齡的學童量身設計課程內容,務求在教學過程中發掘出孩子的藝術天分與興趣。


課程除了教授基本藝術知識外,同時會訓練學生對於色彩、媒介、點線面等視覺元素的掌握;Garden Hill 相信在正確的引導下,藝術能大大啟發學生的觀察力、創意能力、聯想力以及表達能力。


藝術創作能培養孩子探索新事物的思維和習慣,對建立自信有莫大幫助。Garden Hill希望,小朋友能在課程中發展獨立的思考能力,並學以致用,幫助不同科目上的學習。

由導師Tanya Tang教授粉彩、塑膠彩、剪紙、黏土、水彩、素描等。培養學童對天、地、人的觀察能力及藝術興趣,按學童能力興趣因材施教。

Tanya Tang will teach pastel, acrylic, paper-cutting, clay, watercolor, drawing to cultivate children's observation ability and artistic interest in heaven, earth and people (天地人) , and teach students based on their abilities and interests.





2023 年 9-12月 時間表:


・星期四:10-11am ;11-12pm;12-1pm;1-2pm;2-3pm;3-4pm;4-5pm;5-6pm;6-7pm

・星期六及日:;10-11am ;11-12pm;12-1pm;1-2pm;2-3pm;3-4pm;4-5pm;5-6pm;6-7pm


Course Tuition Fee:

・$760/4 Lessons per month (All material included), $190 for each extra lesson upon request

Class Size:3-4 people

Class Time: 1 hour

 Schedule for September to December 2023 :

・Monday :3-4pm;4-5pm;5-6pm;6-7pm

・Thursday:10-11am ;11-12pm;12-1pm;1-2pm;2-3pm;3-4pm;4-5pm;5-6pm;6-7pm

・Saturday and Sunday:10-11am ;11-12pm;12-1pm;1-2pm;2-3pm;3-4pm;4-5pm;5-6pm;6-7pm


Payment Methods Available:

・FPS, Payme, Cash, Check and other payment method if requested



導師Tanya Tang為香港九十後多媒體藝術家,五年以上教學經驗,曾於大型連鎖畫室任職及私人面授,二零二二年成立Garden Hill Art。二零一五年跟隨著名藝術家司徒志明深造藝術並受其多變及破格的創作形式啟發,從作品中尋找突破,融會貫通。近年多以自然生態、歷史古蹟、香港城景為題,並以粉彩、刺繡、羊毛等作為創作媒介,呈現更多與個人成長生活、香港歷史的痕跡及軼事。Tanya​曾接受媒體Metro Pop Magazine及365 Art Plus Magazine個人藝術專訪。她也曾舉辦個人藝術展覽「In a Nutshell」,並與本地書店舉辦「貓與藝術創作分享會」及《如果這世上貓消失了》主題展覽。

更多有關Tanya的作品集與媒體訪問內容,可到www.tanyatang.com瀏覽;如欲欣賞更多其他學生作品,亦可到 觀看

Tutor Background

Tanya Tang is a 90s Hong Kong based multi-media artist with more than five years of teaching experiences in extensive art studio and private art tutoring. In 2015, she became a pupil of Marco Szeto, a renowned artist in Hong Kong. Influenced by the bold and vibrant style of him, Tanya managed to integrate her art skills and find a breakthrough in her later works. Hong Kong heritage, landscape, nature life and personal growth are the recurring themes in Tanya’s creation. To better embody the traces of Hong Kong history, she chose to create with pastels, wool, collage and techniques in embroidery.

Tanya has been interviewed by Hong Kong and Japan media such as Metropop and 365 Art Plus Magazine to explain more about her experience and creation philosophy.

Her recent solo exhibition includes "In a Nutshell" (2021) and cooperates with several bookstores to share her creation philosophy and present her art works. Recent talk consists of ''If Cats Disappeared From The World'' (2021). 


For more information about Tanya's portfolio and media interview content, you may take a closer look at For more about Tanya's stuents' works, more can also be looked at



Environment 畫室環境







Customized Wooden Felting for your own pet. In memory of your darling.




Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

How to order: 

The animal’s sculpture is created from 100% sheep wool in Japan. Every sculpture is handmade uniquely . 

The work time is from 14 - 60 days, depending on the complexity of the work. 

1. Pick up the size 6 or 8 inches, 1:1 scale. 

2. Choose with accessory or without ( Accessory can be a tie , pillow or something that your darling loves). 

3. In personalized field, you can write what pose you would prefer: sitting, standing or laying. You may also mark some special details of your darling. 

4. Please make half of the full payment as the deposit. 

✉️Please send me a photo of your pet in Direct Message or email 

After creating the sculpture, I will send a photo for your approval. I will make changes if necessary. 





1. The flaws of handmade products cannot be avoided. 

I cannot guarantee that every puppet will be exactly the same as the main picture. 

2. Once shipped, the customized products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 

3. Please note that the product delivery fee will be paid by the receiver.

Please let me know if you wish any other size or you have any other questions.

Thank you very much.













✉️歡迎透過Instagram訊息或者透過 給我們了解有關愛寵的照片及洽談交易細節。









Welcome to send me a message here.

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