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Tanya Tang

​Hong Kong Based Artist


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導師Tanya Tang為香港九十後多媒體藝術家,五年以上教學經驗,曾於大型連鎖畫室任職及私人面授。二零一五年跟隨著名藝術家司徒志明深造藝術並受其多變及破格的創作形式啟發,從作品中尋找突破,融會貫通。近年多以自然生態、歷史古蹟、香港城景為題,並以粉彩、刺繡、羊毛等作為創作媒介,呈現更多與個人成長生活、香港歷史的痕跡及軼事。Tanya​曾接受媒體Metro Pop Magazine及365 Art Plus Magazine個人藝術專訪。她也曾舉辦個人藝術展覽「In a Nutshell」,並與本地書店舉辦「貓與藝術創作分享會」及《如果這世上貓消失了》主題展覽。

更多有關Tanya的作品集與媒體訪問內容,可到www.tanyatang.com瀏覽;如欲欣賞更多其他學生作品,亦可到 觀看

Tutor Background

Tanya Tang is a 90s Hong Kong based multi-media artist with more than five years of teaching experiences in extensive art studio and private art tutoring. In 2015, she became a pupil of Marco Szeto, a renowned artist in Hong Kong. Influenced by the bold and vibrant style of him, Tanya managed to integrate her art skills and find a breakthrough in her later works. Hong Kong heritage, landscape, nature life and personal growth are the recurring themes in Tanya’s creation. To better embody the traces of Hong Kong history, she chose to create with pastels, wool, collage and techniques in embroidery.

Tanya has been interviewed by Hong Kong and Japan media such as Metropop and 365 Art Plus Magazine to explain more about her experience and creation philosophy.

Her recent solo exhibition includes "In a Nutshell" (2021) and cooperates with several bookstores to share her creation philosophy and present her art works. Recent talk consists of ''If Cats Disappeared From The World'' (2021). 


For more information about Tanya's portfolio and media interview content, you may take a closer look at For more about Tanya's stuents' works, more can also be looked at

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唐君毅與香港-趙敬邦 著


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